The M-eating restaurant has received very positive reviews since its opening and it has stood out in a very short period of time offering fine dining in a wonderful setting and at affordable prices.

Headed up by the owner and chef Mr. Panagiotis Menardos who is inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine and the local traditional flavors, the restaurant offers a selection of dishes that please all taste buds.

The chef suggests the following main dishes that will awaken your senses:

  • Croaker fish fillet in bouillabaisse sauce with stamnagathi and a small salad of seaweed.
  • Caramelised pancetta and pork neck (of Duroc variety) duet, accompanied by onion ragout and aubergine mousse.

The lovely environment along with the high quality of the service provided and the ingredients used will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

10 Kalogera street, Mykonos Town
19.00 - 01.00
0030 22890 78550