Our services

Following up on the developments of our era and aiming to offer high quality customer services, we created this digital travel guide for Mykonos island.

The need for an overall advertising of Mykonos as well as of all the businesses based there, removed our hesitations in creating another travel guide for this beautiful island...

The guide itself provides central information for visitors, and the custom interface of our digital guide helps entice them to choose your businesses by providing the following services:

  • Each business has its own page to advertise its facilities, services and offers without any commercial banners or links that take the visitors to other business pages.
  • The owners of the businesses that are advertised through our guide have the opportunity to edit the content through a specialised and easy to use environment.
  • Through the blogs page, every owner is able to write a blog post about their business or Mykonos.
  • We provide advice and guidance so that all businesses are advertised in the best way.
  • A range of services of high quality and functionality are provided so that all the needs of the businesses are met by adjusting accordingly.
  • In detail, the services that i-Mykonos provides are the following:
    • Photo sliders
    • Unlimited number of photos and videos to advertise your business
    • Texts with no size limitations
    • Basic information about the business such as telephone number, e-mail, address, website, social networks
    • Map
    • Highlights of the business
    • Offers of products and services accompanied by photos and relevant information
    • Vouchers, if applicable. This service provides discounts and other offers by sending a code, via e-mail, to the customers
  • The owners of hotels are provided with two extra services:
    • Firstly, the types of the rooms are presented followed by photos.
    • and secondly the facilities and the services offered are presented.

i-Mykonos is a clever way of business advertising on the web as it provides a high standard of services through an elegant and carefully designed environment.